Sercomgas is set up as a company:

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The project lead by Francisco Javier López, Javier Galindo and Estela Vilches was the second winner of Ingenia Business 2017.

The company Sercomgas was officially set up as a new company in May of 2018. In the act were present the Chief Executive Officer of Enagás, Marcelino Oreja, the Managing Director of Enagás Emprende, Fernando Impuesto, both on behalf of Enagás Emprende S.L., and the founding partners who lead the project: Francisco Javier López, Javier Galindo and Estela Vilches. Sercomgas aims to offer support in the daily operations of the main agents inside the gas market, such as the gas shippers, to create a more attractive market. This company is the fifth one that emerged from the Corporate Entrepreneurship Program of Enagás, Ingenia Business, after Vira Gas Imaging, Scale Gas, E4E and Gas2move. With the constitution of these companies, one of the main objectives of Enagás Emprende is consolidated: betting on innovation applied to the generation of new businesses related to Enagás activity.